Encouraging movement and coordination - Familiar songs and nursery rhymes coupled with hand clapping, swaying, jumping, mirror playing and dancing awakens children.

Learning texture, touch and the changing states of the materials - Play dough is a firm favorite. Sand and water are natural materials essential to any preschool - Children heap, empty, pour, fill, patt, sieve and create.

Creating and playing fantasies - preschoolers are little fountains of imagination and love to act out everyday events. We use props and sound effects, to bring their stories to life. 

Storytime - Reading is an integral part of our day care experience .  Kids also have a chance to tell stories and create adventures focusing on their topics of interest.

Art - Our painting activities are not confined to a easel/paint brush setting.  Finger, foot and blowing painting, tooth brushes, paint rollers and stamping – children explore all angles of this wonderful experience.