St. Patrick's Day, although not a legal holiday anywhere in the United States, 450px-Baby wearing green shirt with shamrockis nonetheless widely recognized and celebrated throughout the country.

It is primarily observed as a celebration of Irish and Irish American culture; celebrations include prominent displays of the colour green, feasting, copious consumption of alcohol, religious observances, and numerous parades.

The holiday has been celebrated on the North American continent since the late eighteenth century, prior to the American Revolution.

Patrick was born in Britain in the year 387. His real name is Maewyn Succat. The name St. Patrick was given to him later in life by Pope Celestine. His parents, Calphurnius and Conchessa belonged to a high ranking Roman family. St. Patrick recorded most of the history of his life and his spiritual writings in the "Confessio" (Confession).

When he was 16, he was captured by pagan Irish raiders and sold into slavery to a chieftain named Meliuc in Antrim , Ireland. He spent his teen years and time alone as a shepard to tend to his master's sheep. During this time, his spirituality awakened and his belief in God became strong.

He would pray many times in a day. After 6 years being in slavery, he had a dream that he would find a ship to take him to freedom. He escaped to follow his dream. He had to travel about 200 miles before he found a ship ready to set sail.  READ MORE - clique here

Because My Children's Day Care team is mostly composed by women and little girls are more than 50% of our students body - In March we decided to pay special homage to all the super moms and daugthers that share their lives with us, everyday.  Join us celebrating Women's Achivements !


This video ilustrates women's chalenges for equality and inspire us to strive to keep empowering the little girls we serve.

My Children's Day Care wishes you a WONDERFUL WOMEN'S MONTH !